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The Way to Design a Bar Mitzvah – a few guidelines:

Before you turn to the design, choose the location and the date of the event. Once you have chosen the space for the event, it will guide the design style and will be an inspiration. The types of chairs, tables, the areas of the windows and the view will be the base for the design planning. It is worthwhile to decide on a design budget and take into account a 20% addition if you have chosen a place close to the Western Wall inside the Old City of Jerusalem since the logistics are more expensive in those areas. The date of the event will guide you as for the types of flowers that are available in that season and whether it is an event in an open or closed space according to the weather.

Now turn to the design. It is worthwhile to create a personal inspiration board in order to understand what our style is. Search online and collect items you like, create an inspiration board on Pintrest or on your computer. It can be of spaces you like, design pictures of events you saw at designers, flower arrangements you connected to, a different and unique table setting and more and more. Join the pictures together to one page on your computer or print them out and join them on a cork board, and suddenly you will see a style of flowers that is repeated, materials you like more and a color palate that will stand out. All these will be the base for your design.

Sit down with the bar mitzvah boy and ask him if there are things that are important to him, this can be a base for choosing the design theme for example basketball, music and so on. You don’t have to design the entire space according to the child’s chosen field of interest if you don’t want to. You can choose one point in the space such as a candy table or a reception table and design only that in that concept.

Turn to a few designers you like and show them your inspiration boards and ask for a detailed design quote based on the style you have chosen. The most important elements you should pay attention to are the flowers, types of vases, textile and styling. Remember that a bar mitzvah usually takes place during the day so we don’t use candles and mood lighting. Therefore it is recommended to use styling as a substitute for candles and to make sure there are enough flowers on every table. You can use flowers of a darker shade if you so wish since they will be seen well in daylight.

Many times in bar mitzvah events the number of guests is not big, which creates a boutique and family event. Nevertheless it is important to build an interesting sketch that “fills” the entire space. It is worth considering adding furniture to the design as furniture warms the mood and provides a homey feel and of course creates a design strength point inside the space.

Finally, check to see if you have reached the desired result in the design offer. If possible it is worthwhile to ask the designer for a presentation in order to make the design accurate, so that there are no surprises on the day of the event.

floral and decor – Noa Kirshberg Event Design, Photography : Kira Kletsky Photography


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